Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Look out Toto!

This is another recent purchase. It depicts a young woman posing on her bicycle in the 1900s. Thankfully today, people can be less formal with their attire! What has struck me is just how much she resembles Dorothy's nasty neighbour, Almira Gulch, in that magnificent movie The Wizard of Oz! I can just see her pedalling along with a small dog trapped in the cycle basket.


  1. You are RIGHT! She does look like the witch on Wizard of Oz!!!!

  2. Great find Laurie, indeed, there is something about her of a dog kidnapper... poor thing, she's probably turning in her grave...

    So this is a recent purchase ? Which means you've been out again frequenting purveyors of memories and miscellaneous memorabilia of bygone ages... you're clearly having too much fun in your spare time...

  3. Just her at an earlier, less aware of her witchness phase.

  4. I can hear that frantic peddling music, just looking at this picture.

    Maybe she is holding up that wall so the house doesn't fall in her?