Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Scooter Rally

You know how it is? You are rushing for an appointment and have just two minutes to spare, when you come across something worth photographing. In this case, it was a large scooter rally from Mod enthusiasts from the 1960s. Just time to grab these few shots and reflect upon the fact that the former Mods seemed rather mature . . . Oh, such chrome and lots of close-ups that were not to be!


  1. It never dawned on me that Mods would hold gatherings in 2012. And it really never dawned on me that they'd outfit scooters when they're old and gray. I see old guys driving around here in cars from the 1950s all the time. Usually they just have on white t-shirts with jeans and bellies no longer being held in by the t-shirts. A lot of them head to Reno each year for Hot Summer Nights when they show off their cars and go cruising. I'm trying to imagine the senior crowd on scooters.

  2. It's still a popular lifestyle image for many of that era. I saw some later riding around the town and . . . it was a sight to behold. I have yet to get over your suggested image of bellies protruding below the t-shirts. Eeeek!