Thursday, 11 October 2012

For A Swell Marine!

Arthur (Art) J Schutter served with the US Marine Corps. He was a member of VFM (N) 534 - a Marines Night Fighting Squadron that saw action in Guam.  I acquired a collection of his photographs about a year ago. I was particularly taken with the pin-up poses by one woman who may have been his wife or girlfriend. My next post on the subject will feature his service on Guam.

This is Regina. She wrote: Good luck to a Swell Marine. Perhaps she was a celebrity?

The remaining photographs are, I believe, the same young woman. The more formal portrait (below) has the name Lillian Cola (or Cole) pencilled on the back. The photographer was based in Detroit.

Note the black pattern on the nylon. Was this a fashion of the time?

When I first saw this, I thought of Annie Oakley. Perhaps Lillian is in Fancy Dress?
Exposing both knees seems a bit risqué. I wonder what the neighbours thought?

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