Sunday, 30 September 2012

Dog with Webbed Feet!

Now that I live in the North, I have started to miss the Somerset-based Art Group I so enjoyed. A succession of events organisers would produce a programme of outdoor painting days that must have been the envy of other art societies. Every Friday, throughout the Summer, we would go to a different location - often Manor Houses that were not open to the public - and paint and draw to our content. Sadly, I have yet to find an art group in my part of Lancashire, but live in hope.

It was at once such property that I got the shock of my life. I was sat in my camping chair painting a watercolour of a shallow channel of water and its strikingly green bank. I heard a splashing noise behind me and nearly fell out of my seat. Racing through the water in my direction was what looked, at first glance, like a small bear!

Much to my relief, it turned out to be an Irish Water Spaniel. They are a water-loving breed and, I understand, a devil of a job to keep the coat clean and unknotted. They are web-footed to make them stronger swimmers and are one of a number of breeds that have webbed feet. Not a lot of people know that, as Michael Caine was fond of saying!


  1. What a lovely surprise, to come upon this gentle giant. So sweet.

  2. It was great, Maureen. Sadly, I have never come across one since!

  3. I wish more pet parents become more appreciative of what their dog looks like. I was surprised that some prospective dog owners don’t like dogs with webbed feet! The truth is, this feature has been developed as the breed was improved to serve its purpose. Spaniels and Retrievers come with webbed feet because this allows them to move faster in the water. This feature is definitely not a curse. You can read about dogs with webbed feet here: