Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Hong Kong Shanty Town

Another photo from another box of images. In 1990, I had a three week assignment to the Far East and spent a week in Hong Kong, a week in Brunei, another week in Hong Kong and a day in China.

On the first evening of the trip, I went to the Stanley War Cemetery and afterwards noticed what looked to be a shanty town across the road. The buildings, if you can call them that, lined both sides of a wide open drain/sewer. Colourful washing lined the paths and I am reminded that I thought, at the time, that it would make an interesting painting. I haven't yet painted the scene but will put it back on my 'things to do' list. I hope I find the other photographs, soon, as this was the worst of a good bunch of images. I have manipulated the image with a watercolour effect and added it to this post. Thank you, Photoshop!

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