Saturday, 25 August 2012

Granny's Gate

What a charming photograph of a little girl on a seaside donkey. It was taken at St Anne's on the Lancashire coast in front of her Granny's gate! I have included the reverse of the photograph which carries a caption. I cannot read the girl's surname after the T. Can anyone decipher it for me, please?


  1. Wow Laurie, that is difficult. I've been going cross eyed trying to figure that one out. I thought it would be easy, after looking at thousands of census records with all sorts of handwriting. Something tells me that after the T it reads r-i-m. Seems the person has a funny way of writing the letter m, and I thought maybe they forgot to dot the i. I'm curious what you believe the FIRST letter of the last name is? Looks to me to be a last name of Feutrim. What say you! :)

  2. Feutrew was my guess, Maureen. I think F is right for the first letter. Looking at it again, you may be right with Feutrim!

  3. Feutrew doesn't appear in Google, while Feutrim is a common surname in Brazil!