Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Sowing Seeds!

Another leaflet from my extensive Second World War Dig for Victory campaign collection of ephemera. In America, I believe they had 'Victory Gardens'.


  1. Fascinating - do you have an extensive collection? I have collected books (mostly reprints) of 2nd world war memorabilia; but then I also remember the real thing: lying under the currant bushes sneaking fruit, sitting in the air-raid shelter at school, learning to read and knit (nothing to do with food - I never remember a shortage, but then eating at that time was my least favourite thing!) Sneaking out of the bedroom window, squeezing between window frame and blackout blinds, hand-over-hand along to the next window, and back into bed before I was caught ... what else could you do on a hot summer's evening when bedtime was a strict 7.00pm?

  2. Oh yes, Dig for victory - even a cup for vegetable growing/wartime cookery/wartime garden/lots of Second World War letters/photo albums etc, etc. My primary school teacher in the 50s used to make us get in a very deep ditch (huge it was) and pretend to shelter from the bombers as the children did in the war . . . My elder brother, evidently, used to go up to Yanks and say - Got any gum Chum. He used to get lots of candy that way.

  3. One of the local gardeners club members found this leaflet while clearing out some old books. We have scanned it and created a flipbook out of the images. We would like to share this with everyone. here is a link to it...