Wednesday, 20 July 2011


The BBC has released details of the 50 most detested Americanisms. Click HERE to view them. I wonder if any American followers know of a list of most undersirable Englishisms?


  1. Oh when I was traveling in Britain for a month I had dozens. Now all I can think of are:

    car park

    zebra crossing

    Hospital instead of "the hospital"

    and constantly hearing "sorry, sorry" when it was clearly used as nothing more than a reflex and meant nothing.

  2. I am not a fan of 24/7 but I know what you mean about "sorry, sorry". I always say "no you're not" and people get quite angry!! Is a car park a parking lot?

  3. I guess (being a Brit in the US) I've got used to most of those phrases now, and they all seem quite normal. 'Normalcy' did used to make me snigger though.

    Re: UK language - I think sometimes, just too many words are used to stumble apologetically into a question, instead of the more direct approach (for example - 'can I get?' versus: 'Excuse me, do you think it would be possible for me to...'

  4. Yes, a parking lot or parking garage is a car park which to me sounds like a place you take your car to let it run loose off a leash.

    "You've been such a good car. I'm going to take you to the car park to run around for awhile."

    When I was staying with an English friend in Oxford I kept saying, "Stop apologizing. You didn't do anything!" But the worst was in London on the tube. I can remember being shoved a bit and stepped on someone's foot. They turned and said, "Sorry, sorry." I just stared at them dumbfounded before saying, "No, I stepped on your foot. I'M sorry."

  5. Funny funny observations. I can't think of any Britishisms, but I'm sure they exist. How can I teach correct English to French people when the language is being used so lamentably?