Sunday, 31 July 2011

Flight of Fancy!

This postcard was sent to someone in Liverpool in 1912. It was three years after Bleriot had flown across the English Channel. I am not sure how high they are flying but it raises a few questions. Why haven't their hats blown off; has the draught extinguished his pipe; why isn't her hair more windswept; and, most importantly, what on earth have they done with their legs? It also looks like the undercarriage is about to collide with St Paul's Cathedral in London.


  1. Maybe all three of them were double amputees ? I agree with you, they could have had a big ventilator fan installed to make wind to icrease the realism of this far to obviously posed shot... and did those early aircraft actually have a steering wheel ??? Funny, I just in the news a day or two ago where a replica of the one of the Wright Brothers' planes from 1910 crashed somewhere...

  2. Aha - perhaps they never experienced the wind in their hair, or settling a tiny aircraft down on the earth 'just so', kissing the ground - one of those magical occurrences that static poses will never capture. A fascinating postcard nevertheless.