Thursday, 12 May 2011

There is always One!

Ah! The majesty of the Lake District. Spectacular views like here on Honister Pass. Wonderful!

And here too!

But wait! What's this? Something is not as it seems . . .

Why, it must be Idiot Jim who thinks it's acceptable to spray his name on a rock

My, my. Here's another one - Marty's Party. 

So, do you think it is acceptable to do this, Jim and Marty? I don't think so!

What word do you think best describes them?

I'll start with: Saddos!

[Saddo - British slang - a socially inadequate or pathetic person]


  1. You're being too polite to them.

    I hate when I see this. Really hate it.

  2. Hi TAL, I know, I know . . . Grrrrr!

  3. If I see that there next week I will personally wash it off.

  4. The Lake district! Am thinking of all the poets and writers who have walked through there for inspiration... Can't imagine Wordsworth leaving graffiti...