Saturday, 7 May 2011

French Military Weddings 2

A further selection of photographs of French military weddings from the First World War. This time, they should wedding groups. The first 'happy couple' - at least - appeared in my earlier post. Possibly, image five as well. I am intrigued by the figure on the right of group 3 (as you look at it). Is that a butcher's apron or is he a craftsmen, perhaps a cooper? When you think about the artful, and often posey, wedding snaps of today, it seems that people were not at all bother about what was is the background back then! Remember to click once, then click again on an image to get a really closeup view.

For those who thought the bride looked masculine, look at her sister - behind to her right - a twin maybe?
What on earth has the boy on the right got round his neck!

Is the man with an apron, on the right, wearing clogs?

The chap on the left is striking an unusual pose. Not the bicycle with acetylene lamp on the right.

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