Friday, 27 May 2011


I am enjoying walking past nearby farmland and seeing the animals in the fields.

But I came across some United Nations statistics that I find so staggering and feel I should share them here. I will make no comment. I will leave that to you.

The number of farm animals slaughtered worldwide for food in 2009 is as follows:

Camels 1.7 million
Water Buffalo 24 million
Cows 293 million
Goats 398 million
Sheep 518 million
Turkeys 633 million
Rabbits 1.1 billion
Pigs 1.3 billion
Ducks 2.6 billion
Chickens 52 billion


  1. Oh that does make me ill and my heart break.

  2. Could the planet support the entire world's population on vegetarian food alone? Then there's the fish in the sea. So many fragile connections to juggle it all.

  3. A good thought, Ann. I was worried at the prospect of poor drought-ridden nations being likely to go to war over their need for food, as reported in the media this week. Where will it all end?

  4. I'm speechless! I wondered how much of these poor animals got wasted and killed needlessly.