Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Warren Family Photos!

Pennsylvania covers 45,308 square miles. It has 67 counties and, in 1900, two-thirds of the State was farmland. In the twentieth century, the number of farms, there, dropped from 225,000 to 59,000. So why am I telling you this? Well, because I recently acquired some negatives from Mechanicsburg in Cumberland Country PA. They were purchased at an estate sale but the seller could say where for sure. They are said to be of the Warren family,and to date from the late 1920s. The family look is quite distinctive and they had some unusual pastimes . . . I'd love to know more about them. Anyone know how I might research the family?

These Warren boys certainly had a thing about skunks - shooting them, that is!

Nowadays, having your sweetcorn field flooded would be considered a disaster.
Not these youngsters who paddled out in their canoe for a look!

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  1. Life is just a lark! Irrepressibly happy boys! They look like they're of Welsh or Irish descent to me-- You might be able to go to the County seat. But we don't even have the wherewithal to find Obama's birth certificate!