Friday, 1 April 2011

Strangest Subject!

This is probably the strangest image in my collection. I scanned it from a glass plate negative and I am at a loss to say which way up and/or round it should be. The photographer has marked the negative with CANCER - Head of Horse Miss Long on one side and Dec 5 1914 on the other. Is that an ear I can see, is it in the right place and from what angle was it taken? Any ideas would be welcomed.


  1. It's like they sawed the horse head in half. I think you got it the right direction, but oh my I'm not hungry now.

  2. yes, head of horse sawed in half.You can see ear on the left of the photo,

  3. I reckon that's the mane on the left and they sliced the head completly in half. Ewww....