Sunday, 17 April 2011

Scott of the Antarctic's Hut

Scott of the Antarctic's Hut is frozen in time. More than 10.000 items are preserved there. In support of tonight's documentary on BBC2, they have published a slide show showing the contents now and as they were. The result is fascinating. The documentary looks at the project to preserve the hut and its contents

Click HERE to view the photographs.

Wikipedia provides details of the hut's history HERE.


  1. Amazing how they were able to bring all that with them--via sea, dog sled--intact. Very sad how they were so disciplined and still did not survive. In the current "hut," they have glaring lights on all the time for both mental and physical health reasons. And heat! It boggles the mind!

  2. No point in being cold, Margaret, except when you go outside! The programme was fantastic. Not seen anything so good for a long time.