Sunday, 7 February 2010

A Dogs Cemetery in Jersey

This card is a recent acquisition. The original purchaser has written August 1955 on the reverse.

The memorial records the following:

The Haven of Rest
The Abode of Love
Opened 1928

Here rest the relics of our friends below
Blessed with more sense that half the folks we know
Fond of their ease, and to no parties prone.
They damn'd no sect but calmly gnawed their bone
Performed their functions well in every act
Blush Christians if you can and copy them


  1. Hey, Laurie, I follow you Graveyard Detective blog...just getting around to checking out your others... they do seem to work well with each other and gives a more rounded idea of you! -J

  2. Thanks H-H. Glad you find they give your a more rounded idea of me!