Sunday, 21 February 2010

Birds I Have Met

Recently, I had an opportunity to get close to two birds - both large. The first was a Raven. What a majestic bird and it fixed me with its eye. The second was - I think - a long-eared Owl, although if I am wrong, perhaps an expert can correct me?


  1. Super, clear photos. I always get shots of blue sky as the bird flies out of view as I click.

  2. Aren't ravens amazing? I've had some wonderful experiences with them in Utah and Arizona. Magical, creative, mischievous birds.

    And I used to have a huge white owl that would sit outside my window at the last place I lived. I'd look out in the moonlight and there it would be sitting on a branch level with my kitchen window (2nd floor).

    Beautiful shots.

  3. Hi Laurie... have been away for a while, but just got back, and am slowly getting back into the swing of things, and back out in the blogosphere to see what's going on. Love your bird shots here, they are fascinating creatures, make me think of dinosaurs alot, quoth the raven... good to see you are out poking around gardens and sources of postcards and sharing them here in these pages... trust all is well in your part of the world...