Sunday, 6 May 2012


It was a pleasant two-hour walk this afternoon, made all the more pleasant by there being absolutely no-one else around. Acres of dandelion flowers, the sight of a Heron and a flock of Goldfinches, as well as the hoots of two Tawny owls were plus points for me. As was managing to avoid some agitated horses when the footpath crossed their field! I took some snaps on my iPhone 4 and was, again, pleased with the results.

Something caught the attention of the horses. Can you guess what it was. Answer provided in the final photograph. I also saw a race horse in the opposite field that had a mesh face mask to keep away the flies. The mask was black and you couldn't see any eyes. I tried to get a photograph but it ran off before I could.



  1. Oh for an iPhone! What a restful post, Laurie. I re-discovred your blog by Googling it because I was sure that you used 'pages' and you do. Any tips, because in my reading, I understand that adding something to a blog 'page' does not drive people to the site. I;m just adding 'pages' to three of my blogs and would appreciate any advice. And apologies for using your blog to ask you this.

    1. Hi Ann, Thanks for popping by. I will respond to your email