Sunday, 20 May 2012

Iphoneography 2

It was a dull, damp day and ideal for testing the iPhone 4 again. First, it occurred to me that people tend to overlook the artistic merit of telegraph poles they are all different. Second, considered the hedgerows and the world beyond. Finally, I thought you may like to see Matty's new coat. She is my photographic assistant on my walks. She likes to sniff out good subjects and, in my opinion, makes an excellent subject herself!


  1. A photographer after my own heart who keeps his eyes open for what others pass by without a thought. (Now these images could go into an altered book, Laurie.)

  2. Good idea, Ann.Now, where did I put that altered book?

  3. I like how you've found beauty in the unexpecte and Matty looks fab in her new coat.