Friday, 27 August 2010

Lost and Found

A few days ago, I went for a walk along the Lancashire Coastal Way from St Annes to Lytham Green. On the way along the beachside walk, I saw a sock, then a pair of Calvin Klein underpants, the peak of a baseball cap and a single training shoe.

I got to thinking about these somewhat less than treasured items and the wartime theme of 'make do and mend'. If I walked along say eighty miles of coastal footpath - a daunting task to say the least - would I find an entire wardrobe of clothing that would amaze my friends? I am not sure - not that I have any friends anyway.

This episode probably came to mind when I reached Lytham Green where a two-day event was taking place to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The green was smothered with living history re-enactors. Here was a German Army camp, alongside a Russian platoon, next came the US airborne and British soldiers - all in authentic wartime uniforms. There was also a full-size replica Spitfire and wartime pilots sat around in deck chairs awaiting the order to 'Scramble!'

I was especially impressed to witness a flypast of a RAF Dakota transport aircraft and then a display of aerobatics by a Spitfire and a Hurricane.

Anyway, sorry for meandering off the subject. The whole purpose of this post was to ask people what unusual items they have found while out walking? Please share your experiences, here.


  1. I've usually got my nose to the ground when I'm camping, looking around for rocks and wood that interest me. I've found some wonderful items. I usually ignore manmade things.

    One item I found in Wyoming at Devil's Tower

    The story of the tower, famous from the movie Close Encounters, is that two Native American children were trapped on the top of the tower and a huge bear created the striations on the side when it was trying to get to the children. So I was greatly surprised when I stepped out of my vehicle in the campground and found at my feet a stone in the shape of a bear, crouching, front paws extended. It's a very sacred place to many tribes and I felt really fortunate to have found this stone made by nature in such a special place.

  2. I found a few shoes recently, including some baby ones, which I kept as props.
    I also found what can only be described as an inflatable missile discarded in a hedge in a park. I kept that as a prop too.
    Someday, I'm sure they will help to make a very interesting shoot. Just not sure in what way, yet!

  3. I have boxes and bags full of treasures. Pieces of chainmail from Carcassonne. Roman and Moorish ceramic shards from central Spain, medieval buttons, some medieval thimbles and bits of buckles, a Ceaser Augustus coin found on the hillside of an abandoned village, a lead pellet used in a slingshot...I can't help it. My eyes constantly scout the ground in the countryside.

  4. TAL - a great find and a great story!

    Allesandro - an inflatable missile - I wonder who lost it?

    Rosie - What a collection. I am very envious. Please make sure you don't bump into anything as you scout the ground!


  5. I once found a $20 bill and another time a wrench. I still have that tool. lol I've found flipflops, ornate wine bottles, dolls, and an antique cup. Once I found a really old wooden puzzle with one piece missing.