Monday, 10 May 2010

Fine Art, this is Not!

By popular demand [well, Owen and @eloh, actually], I present a handful of ideas, rough sketches - call them what you what. It is a bit embarrassing to put up such work, but it is all I have to hand.

It all started when I neared 50. I decided that, to mark the occasion, I would either: learn to play a musical instrument, learn to sing or become an artist. I chose the latter and enrolled on an A-level art course. [I did later buy a ukulele and a blues harmonica, but that is another story] I think I must have been mad as I hadn't scrawled on paper since childhood. That said, I did pass my A-level with my dissertation being on Georgia O'Keefe . . . My submitted painting [in my own humble opinion] is so awful, I include it at the end of this post, rather than at the beginning.

Anyway, here is quick sketch of my cat Sylvie.

and another turned monochrome by Photoshop

with the original below

What follows is one of those ureka moments for me. I used a non-waterproof drawing pen and then washing over it with water using a brush. I quite like the effect.

Finally, a shot of my submitted work for my A-level course. It was based on a burned out car that is overgrown at the side of a footpath near my home.

I promise to find some storyboard pieces/sketches from my Children's Book Illustration course and publish them in the not too distant future - unless, of course, there are too many howls of 'Stop - do not show us any more! So please be kind, I hurt easily . . .


  1. I like your title... :-)

    And as far as art
    This is a start
    And one must start somewhere

    Actually I rather like the portrait of the rather dark, gloomy looking fellow...

    And the burned out car by the footpath, we need a photo of that also, for comparison purposes of course...

  2. well, I think your work is nothing to be embarrassed about ! I wish I could draw as well as you do ! I am, quite simply, unable to express myself in this medium.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing these! I like all of them and envy those who even attempt...yours speak volumes, just like your photos

  4. Owen,
    Glad you visited. I have seen the burned out car photo and will include it in some burned vehicles I intend to post. Loved Stop All the Clocks!

    Thank you - I wish I could do it better!

    Hi Terry, thanks for liking them!