Saturday, 23 January 2010

Raising the Bar!

I've been thinking about my previous post 'Doggy Day' and the photo of the Inventor with his jack russell in a canvas carrying bag behind the handlebars. Great photograph, but something troubled me. I had another look and was stunned at the height of the frames top tube - the part that runs between the handlebar and the saddle. It is above the height of the cyclists navel and the word 'pain' came to me when I thought of the consequences of dismounting badly! Perhaps, this is why early cyclists would scoot with one foot on a pedal and then cock their leg over the saddle to mount the moving cycle - reversing the process when dismounting. Ouch!


  1. Now that I see this again I'm wondering how he would even reach the pedals?

  2. I noticed that the first time around and was wondering... like some of the early bicycles where there was a big wheel and a small one, and the rider was perched way up high.... anyway, for sure, ouch !