Sunday, 17 January 2010

Doggy Day

I recently found a small number of interesting dog postcards and photographs at a bric-a-brac fair. A couple repulsed me, another made me sad while the last one cheered me up.

Hunting Dogs
Part of a collection of Hunting Dog postcards purchased and posted in Paris in 1902 (but not by me!). The recipient was Mme. H V J in Athens. I don't find them particularly nice, but I guess others will admire them?

The Pathetic Mourner
Caesar, the faithful companion of King Edward VII. The card describes him as a pathetic mourner at the King's funeral. I seem to remember seeing postcards of him walking with the funeral courtege at the State Funeral of the King.

Death and Dogs
This delightful Raphael Tuck art card depicts a puppy with very appealing eyse. The spidery scrawl on the front contains a sentence that stands out. "Did you see that RH Blake was accidentally killed in South Africa? Isn't it sad?" I wonder who he was?

An Inventor?
I love this photograph of a man and his bicycle. Note the Jack Russell terrier seems to be sitting in a specially designed dog carrier. Fascinating!

Dog Von Stroheim
Now, here is unusual postcard. It shows a cartoon dog operating an early movie camera. On the reverse, someone has written the enigmatic message - "Good times are coming - X" On the front is written - "Keep Smiling". I will, I will!


  1. Every card tells a completely different story. I'm wondering about Mr. Blake now too and I especially like the jack russel carrier!

  2. Hey Laurie, hope all is well with you ! Best wishes for an excellent new year. This is quite a series of dog cards, trust you to dig up a Jack Russell. Yeah, I wonder who RH Blake was and how he met his end. Hopefully there is more of a trace of him than just a few enigmatic words on a postcard...
    Take care...

  3. These are absolutely wonderful! WOW! I especially love the first two.

    Thank you for sharing these with us!

  4. Thanks Rosie - Mr Blake? Perhaps a bit of detective work is required?

    Owen - The main man! Glad you liked them.
    Amazing Haiti photographs on your blog - terrible news isn't it?

    Beth, Nice to hear from you again. There's something comforting about dogs isn't there!

  5. Hi Laurie,
    Happy New Year, long time, no see!
    Lovely set of images, really enjoyed looking at them. My favorite is the old man with his doggy on his bicycle!
    I actually got 'stuck' in Blackpool after the New Year, we were driving up the M6 and the weather was so terrible we decided to hole up in B'pool for 2 nights! It was great to see it all deserted and full of snow!
    Hope you're well xx