Saturday, 7 November 2009

Spooked by a Stone

It's funny isn't. I often tell people to look up above the shop fronts and how they will discover hidden things - ornate guttering, statuary and crested downpipes. For quite a while, I haven't bothered to look down. Finding the portal this afternoon encouraged me to wander back with Sooty, but looking down. I am glad I did.

Sooty was snuffling around as little dogs do and then jumped to one side. I took a look and saw a stone that was oozing evil. Well, perhaps not evil, just a bit annoyed at being woken by the touch of a cold, wet nose. Sooty's, not mine!

I went back for another look and I realised it was playing a trick - being playful, even. Mr Grumpy Stone had encouraged another to move closer and now looked like a pirate wearing a tri-corn hat. Proof indeed that stones often have a sense of humour.

Have you looked up or down, lately? What have you found? Oh and be careful. Don't walk into lamp posts when you are looking elsewhere. One, it hurts and two, people laugh at you!


  1. This is a fantastic discovery. Love to see your photos. BTW, I just started outlining the bear drawing but it will take me a little time to finish it.

  2. Ha, great post! I was looking upwards lately, i love to discover all those faces in the cloudy sky.
    it's good to make people laugh isn't it? ;-)

    Sweet greetz!

  3. That is very cool! I love it! The second picture reminds me of Napoleon. :)

  4. Hey Laurie, gosh it's good to see you posting again !

    So do you think that stone with two holes in it was a naturally occurring event ? Or were they drilled through the stone a few millenia ago, maybe to put ropes through for pulling even bigger stones on the way to places like Stonehenge or Amesbury or wherever ??? Intriguing...

  5. That is a very scary rock. Glad to see you around again!

  6. love this, it is something i try to remember to do when im out & about & its amazing to see things that others simply walk right on past. *ruthie

  7. Sitting here at four in the morning with big jet lag, I wonder if your stone is a Roman weight used in weaving?....or maybe it is Johnny Depp? As always, a pleasure to drop into your blog.

  8. Thanks, @eloh.

    Maria, thanks - fantastic art of the bear - very impressed!

    Thanks for visiting, Catherine Anne

    Momo Luna - looking up? A great hobby - saw a great rabbit in the clouds recently but couldn't photograph it. I was on the motorway.

    Cool, Maureen

    Alyson, Napoleon? I think you are right!

    Owen, Stonehenge? Now there's a thought!

    Amy - nice to hear from you. I agree - a bit scary. Nice to be back!

    Thanks, Ruthie - keep looking!

    Hi Rosie. Pirates of the Carribbean? Now that's a possiblity? I like the idea of the Roman weaving weight, but haven't seen any Centurions in the garden lately!

  9. Wow...can just imagine the mayhem such a find would have set off in another time - soothsayers predicting the end of time and whatnot. It really is a spooky stone!

  10. Oh I always look up, down and all around!

  11. I believe it is a weight used in boating I have seen these in museums made by native americans (first people)