Saturday, 7 November 2009

He's Back!

Here I am again. Sorry to take so long to return to my blogs, but the rigours of travelling up to my new job in Blackpool (a 225 mile journey) on a Monday and then returning home on a Friday meant I didn't feel too much like blogging. I'll put that another way. I felt like blogging but was so tired I didn't think I would do it justice if I did. I have had quite a few enquiries to see if I had dropped off my perch - thanks to Owen and @eloh to name just two. I was touched by people's interest so 'Thank you very much, my blogging companions!'

In sorting out lots of boxes of stuff that had been accumulated over so many years, I found some real treasures and, when I get a chance, I will share some of them with you. It was like finding buried treasure - the words 'Wow!' and 'Fantastic!' came to mind often. I found lots of unremembered vintage photo albums, ephemera, postcards and much more besides. Please be patient and I'll get round to posting some of the best.


  1. Glad your back and all is well with you. I love reading your blog and marveling over your photos.

  2. What are you doing in Blackpool?!


  3. Oh excellent news !

    Oh frabjous day !