Thursday, 4 July 2013

Maya Temple in Belize

A rare day off, during a lengthy assigment in Belize in the 1990s, provided an opportunity to take a canoe ride down a Belizean river that culminated in a visit to Maya Pyramids. I was greatly impressed by Altun Ha - the ruins of an ancient Maya City north of Belize City. The site covers an of about five square miles. The largest structure is the Temple of the Masonry Altars which is 54 feet high.

At the top of the steps, shown in photo 2, is what was thought to be a giant jade head associated with the Sun GOd. It is now thought to represent a Jester God - a sign of Maya rulership and the person buried here is of great importance. The city, itself, was thought to have been occupied from 900 BC to AD 1,000. Thankfully, the recent destruction of a Maya Pyramid by construction workers in Belize occured at another site.

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