Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Santa's Sleigh

I was looking for a suitable photograph to mark Christmas. Imagine my surprise when I came across an album of family photographs that I had never seen before. There were about forty snaps and at least a dozen were of me as a toddler! What an unexpected Christmas present. Here is a photograph of two of my cousins - Christine and Jennifer. I would imagine it was taken in a London store around 1960. Father Christmas looked very different then. I wonder why he is wearing washing-up gloves?


  1. Love the felt school hat - how times have changed. And what a fabulous find is that album of family photographs. Will you spend Christmas scanning and cataloging them, I wonder?

  2. Oh yes, Ann! I might even get round to scanning some black and white family negatives which I have never seen as actual photographs. They date from 1940 to the early 50s and number around two hundred and fifty. Quite how I have managed to refrain from scanning them, I do not know!

  3. Oh this is quite wonderful. It looks like a roller coaster ride. And Santa is a bit on the weird side. Not jolly so much as creepy. A Santa that does windows and floors.