Thursday, 17 February 2011

Look Away Now!

Now, I am sorry if it offends anyone, but I am not a fan of fox hunting. That said, two newly arrived glass plate negatives offer a glimpse of rural life in the Edwardian age that I thought I should share with you.

The first depicts a group of men who are posing with their terriers, guns and two dead foxes. When I first saw this photograph, I thought the men had dug into a badger sett to get to a family of badgers. In this photo, they must have used the jack russells to back the foxes into a corner of the Earth while digging their way to the foxes hiding place. When the foxes were exposed, the men shot them. Not very nice by today's standards, but their actions were of a time much different to now. It still has the power to shock me, though.

This second photograph shows two men who might be father and son. The elder man is holding a fox cub. Maybe, a vixen was killed and the cub was taken to safety. Who knows? Perhaps the man is a gamekeeper, but the boater he is wearing is the not the sort of headgear you would expect to see. The man in front looks benevolent, but there is a hint of malevolence in the expression of the younger man. What do you think?


  1. I detest cruelty to any animal so I didn't even glance at the first picture. The second is interesting and I agree with your observations. The cub looks rather scared, ears back, but his paws are resting on the chap's hands and his little body isn't pulling back so I think he feels safe. Plus you would only hold a little charge that way if you had intentions of being kind, as his hand is there to let the cub rest his paws on.
    Your pic below is of a pony. Not sure which breed, but it's rather stocky. An interesting pose!

  2. Hi Laurie~
    I like your idea of going after the badgers! I hear they are very ferocious in some places such as Alaska... What is a nuisinace to us is the woodchuck or groundhog. However, we would never kill them. We put out have-a-heart traps baited with peanut butter and then take them to their new home in the woods!
    The local red fox is a little intimidating here... The local police put out phone calls to warn the community of foxes or black bears in the area. But hunting for fun? Does sound a bit cold-hearted.
    Very interesting photos you have dug up.

  3. Thanks Annette - a reassuring interpretation!

    It sounds pretty wild to me. I am glad there are no black bears here - only spirit bears!