Saturday, 13 November 2010

Autumn Tree

Autumn sees the leaves fall from the trees. The wooden skeleton left behind can sometimes be very striking. I was particularly struck by this maginificent tree. Enjoy!


  1. Stunning pic. I too like taking trees bare of their leaves; such interesting shapes. I'm thinking of turning some of mine into a journal - a Tree Trail. (I love too that landscape in your previous post - the one with the road leading off into the distance.)

  2. That is a particularily twisted example. Cool.

  3. It's lovely Laurie... and I'm sure it spoke to you. I'm thinking you went up and looked more closely to find its eyes, to put your ear up against the trunk to listen...

    And with such a massive trunk, it hadn't grown around any foreign objects ? There may be a tractor in there, or some old plows ???