Monday, 13 September 2010


My friend Ollie felt it was time his own portrait appeared in this blog so here he is in all his glory. He came with Claude - a cat that I adopted - and was intended to amuse him. Ollie asked whether I would rescue him and so I did. For more than fourteen years, he has come on all our annual holidays and never misbehaves! Say 'hello' Ollie. "Hello Ollie!" I don't know, some times he can be a real (k)nit!!

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  1. Ollie reminds me of a Hawaiian hula doll I never finished. A kit with yarn, styrofoam to cover for her head. So I've got this weird head done, but the bottom is just yarn going all over the place. I've had this thing since about 1962 and never finished it. Have a lot of weird stuff like that in the attic. Perhaps Ollie would like to date a Hawaiian girl? I like that Ollie has a Beatle's haircut.