Sunday, 18 April 2010

Creatures lurking in Trees

It is always the same and a bit liking waiting for a bus. You don't come across a decent tree for months on end and then two come along at once. I'll tell you about one now and let you see the other one later.

I was visiting Lansdown Cemetery near Bath [see The Graveyard Detective for more information and photographs] and had just stood beside a grave marked by a giant black granite book. Naturally, my mind was wondering and the story of Alice in Wonderland came to mind. It was the last few minutes of my visit when I realised I had still to see the last featured grave in the cemetery's Tomb Trail.

As I visited it, and was taking a photograph, I heard someone shush me. I looked up and there it was - a very large rabbit in the tree. Wide-eyed and winking, it held one finger up to its mouth to encourage me to be quiet. Spooky, but it allowed me photograph it before it melted back into the bark and out of sight!


  1. Ah I LOVE it! Indeed--I see him!

  2. That's unbelievably good Laurie, how you find these wonders never ceases to amaze me...